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Millie’s First Trail Ride

We did it. A good friend, Kathy, contacted me on Facebook last week and invited me to stay with her at a local state park, Potato Creek, for the weekend. I hemmed and hawed and finally realized that I was … Continue reading

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Anthropomorphism: Millie’s First Ride

In a conversation with other horse people recently, a discussion of anthropomorphism and animal psychic connections developed between us. Evidently there is a book out by a woman who claims to be a psychic horse mind reader. More to the … Continue reading

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How do you know? Big Lick or Just Hard Luck?

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how to tell if a horse has been shown big lick. With all the attention on soring right now, I thought I would share my thoughts on what some signs of a … Continue reading

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Body Slammed!

As time goes by, I learn more about these two rescues, Millie and Will. For example, they are very close to each other– it’s one of the reasons I suspected they were siblings, or at least from the same farm … Continue reading

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Looking Through A Window to the Soul

An online group moderator presented a question. What do you see when you look into your horses’ eyes? Not that exciting of a question. In fact it is almost a cliché, isn’t it? Yet the responses were varied, from humorous … Continue reading

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