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Millie’s First Trail Ride

We did it. A good friend, Kathy, contacted me on Facebook last week and invited me to stay with her at a local state park, Potato Creek, for the weekend. I hemmed and hawed and finally realized that I was … Continue reading

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A Little Good News

It seems like every time I check the news there is something else bitter, sad, or frustrating. Imagine my happiness when I stumbled across this report recently in our local news: Evidently a mare was spooked by fireworks this … Continue reading

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When It’s Hot, It’s Hot

Dear Mother Nature, While I have always had a deep appreciation for the wonders you offer to us, I can’t help but notice that you may have forgotten to turn off the oven when you went on vacation. I don’t … Continue reading

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To the Top of the Trailer, and Beyond!!!!

Monty Roberts cancelled his appearance at the Tennessee Walking Horses of Today Equine Conference. Evidently his sponsors (amid numerous letters from concerned parties) decided that they would prefer that he stay very far away from the soring issues that are … Continue reading

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What We Do for Love (of Showing).

I was recently told by a judge, trainer, and excellent showman that showing was “an expensive way to be miserable.” After considering his words carefully, I must agree. While some of us truly love the show atmosphere, and the joy … Continue reading

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