About the author

Mindy Lightner is the pen named used by a 40 year old single mother, who just can’t seem to stay away from horses. From the age of six, when she managed to get solidly clocked in the head by a horse, she has determinedly returned to the equine world every chance she could. Mindy grew up riding and showing Appaloosas in versatility classes, before switching to hunter/jumper lessons for a few years. After a short hiatus to get through that pesky thing called marriage and childbirth, Mindy returned to showing, training, and lessons, this time working with quarter horses and Fjords. It was only after her divorce, when she offered to purchase her son the horse of his dreams, that Mindy was forced by her own promise to purchase a Tennessee Walking Horse. That horse began a landslide journey into the world of gaited horses, bringing both the joy of their wonderful personalities and amazing athleticism, and the heartbreak of her increased knowledge of soring and showing cruelties within part of the gaited horse world.

Mindy now lives on a small farmette in Northern Indiana, where she keeps her Tennessee Walking Horses in country style, complete with daily kisses on the nose and frequent bribes of apples and treats. She is a certified teacher and has a masters in Library Science, as well as a lifetime of experience working with horses and horsemen.

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