To the Top of the Trailer, and Beyond!!!!

Monty Roberts cancelled his appearance at the Tennessee Walking Horses of Today Equine Conference. Evidently his sponsors (amid numerous letters from concerned parties) decided that they would prefer that he stay very far away from the soring issues that are currently rife in the Tennessee Walking Horse industry. I hope he considers spending time with a sound Walking Horse venue in the future, such as NWHA or FOSH.

In his place, it is rumored, is the illustrious, famous trainer Tim Scarberry of Michigan. What, you haven’t heard of Tim Scarberry?!

Yea, me neither, and I live ‘next door’ in Indiana. So I toddled over to his website at to see what the Tennessee Walking Horse owners of ‘today’ would be learning from Mr. Scarberry.

Evidently they will be learning to ride their horses to the top of a trailer.

The more advanced riders will perhaps learn to crack a bull whip while standing on their horse which is standing on TOP of the trailer.

Because as we all know, a good trail horse needs to know how to climb to the top of the horse trailer and stand despite cracking bullwhips. Just think of the advantage when that giant flood comes, and tree branches and trees and boulders are snapping and cracking all around you, yet you are dry, safe, and tidy on top of your trailer with your horse.

But wait, there is more! (Oh you just KNEW there was more, right?)

What good trainer doesn’t breed? That’s right. Not only can you learn to ride to the top of the world—errrr…. trailer—you can also buy one of his high quality foals from his high quality stallion, who is not only colored (Oh come on, you KNEW it would be colored, right?) but also can stand up for pictures. Here is a sample of the superior quality you can expect:

Yep. Makes me want to jump on a trailer for safety. Or maybe just run like Hell.

In case you feel that I am picking on poor Mr. Scarberry, I should explain that I found his site by following a link after watching this brilliant example of colt breaking. Did you know that jumping young colts over barrels is a prerequisite for saddling? Amazing, right?

Mr. Scarberry, I can’t possibly think of a better venue for you than a horse clinic that is so toxic, even Monty Roberts refused to go unless accompanied by Nightline and the ASPCA. Do your best to help guide the confused people of Tennessee toward the light. We will be praying. Oh.. yes.. we WILL be praying.


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7 Responses to To the Top of the Trailer, and Beyond!!!!

  1. Snarky Rider says:

    Good god I watched 10 seconds of that video (around the 4 minute mark) and ran away. Flapping your whip at a horse and letting it turn towards you is NOT round pen training – and it sure as shit isn’t preparing the horse to be ridden, unless your goal is to tire it wayyyy the hell out. Grrrr It’s ok though! All sins are forgiven if you can teach me the super useful skill of walking my horse on top of a trailer!

  2. Forthe Twh says:

    You know, the chainsaw stuff and riding up on top of the trailer would be great stuff during the zombie apocalypse. Because chainsaws can slice zombies in half and I don’t think they can climb onto trailers.

  3. Sue says:

    I liked the ruptured spleen on his demo horse particularly. O_o

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